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Writing II Research Paper


To search in a database like Ebscohost. You will want to refine your keywords to figure out what search string works best for you to get what you want. Come up with a variety of keywords to use in your searching. Check our the Research plan for an example of breaking down ideas to get keywords. See an example of a search below. 


Number Key

1. Your keywords go here. Avoid phrases. Stick to short. Don't be afraid to switch them up.

2. The number of results. As you change things pay attention to what makes your results smaller or larger. (adding more keywords makes the results fewer) in number

3. If there is a pdf it is listed here. You can access it from the results page or click the title for more details.

4. If we don't have something in full-text this link will take you to a form that will be sent to request an electronic version from a library that does. There also may be a link that says "Check your library holdings" this means we have the item in print and you can contact us to get access to it. 


Off Campus

For off-campus use of online resources and databases see Fiona Holly in the Library for a list of passwords and logon information. or 660-944-2990