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Finding Books

Catalog Searching

To begin a catalog search first come up with a generic keyword or two related to your topic. Ex.Existentialism or Kierkegaard

You may choose what type of search you would like to use:

Keyword, Title, Author or Subject.

  • Keyword searches check the entire record for the word(s) you searched
  • Title searches only check the title for the word you search (best for when you know the exact title of the work you want to find)
  • Use an author search when you want works by a particular person
  • Use a subject search to find items about your chosen keyword. Subject searches may direct you to related terms and subheadings. Finding a particular subject heading will give you all the items contained in that particular subject heading. 
  • Use a person's name in a subject search to find materials about that person.  
  • Browse some of the subject headings related to philosophy listed below for relevant materials. 
  • Once you find an item you want to check out, write down the call number to find where the item is on the shelf.