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Philosophy Research

A place to get started on research in Philosophy.

Searching Tips

It is most important to first have an idea of what subject one would need to find articles on.  Once a topic is developed, choose relevant keywords that reflect the language used to describe the topic. Then search your chosen database or the library catalog.

Information about online journal articles

  • To look for articles, start in a database such as PhilPapers or Ebscohost. Cambridge Companions are also a good option for essays by scholars in Philosophy (see menu)
  • If an article you want is unavailable digitally in a database, or through Google searching, you will often be able to find the article in print through the catalog or you will be able to request it through interlibrary loan.
  • Ebscohost will tell you if we have the article in print and if you don't provide you a link to request it from another library.
  • If you find something in PhilPapers, check the catalog for the journal title to see if we have it.
  • If not, make an interlibrary loan request  by filling out the linked form (after logging in with your id number and name) and your article will come to you digitally in as soon as a couple days.
  • Examples to a few journal titles available in full text online are listed below. Click title to access publication. To find more online journal titles in full-text, search Ebscohost

 For assistance with better searching contact Fiona in the library.

Philosophy Journals-Online Only